There is a revival of the effort to end the time change in the United States. Starting with a petition to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate. You can sign the petition at Change dot org

Research has shown that, over time, changing our clocks an hour forward and back twice a year can have negative impacts on health – increasing the risks of heart attack and stroke. During a global pandemic these negative effects are amplified. We, in the United States, had hope the Congress would do something about this. Since they have failed to act, we have formed this alliance to take action.

The annual transition to and from Daylight Saving Time (DST) has clinical implications that last longer than the days clocks ‘fall back’ or ‘spring forward.’

Average sleep duration shrinks by 15 to 20 minutes for adults during Daylight Saving Time transitions, impacting our biological clocks. This can be associated with increased risk of heart attack and ischemic stroke, as well as other negative effects of partial sleep deprivation, including increase risk of accidents and fatal mistakes.

Citizens of the United States who agree that the semi-annual time-change is no longer necessary and detrimental to mental health and wellbeing are asked to contribute to the cause by donating at GoFundMe dot com