Western Branch Family Chiropractic in Chesapeake has another Five Star Review

For more information visit https://www.chiropractorhome.com or call (757) 337-5205 Western Branch Chiropractic in Chesapeake has amazing reviews Excellent Review Great experience! First time to chiropractor and can’t believe the difference in how I feel! Dr. Schaier and staff are very focused on what works best for you. Great experience from […]

Western Branch Family Chiropractic Center Chesapeake Excellent 5 Star Review by Philip Wellman

Get more details at http://westernbranchchiropractor.com/ or call (757) 337-5205 to here Western Branch Family Chiropractic Center in Chesapeake reviews. Here is the Excellent Review: “Unsolicited, after 10 weeks I have to tell you the 4 part neuropathy treatment really does work wonders! I came as a sceptic but Dr Schaier […]

PHC Online Experience 05 10 20

Welcome to our weekly online experience. Please feel free to comment in the live chat with any prayer requests or questions you may have. Also, make sure you subscribe to our channel if you don’t currently. Thank you for choosing to worship with us! source

How Can Chiropractors Treat Neck Pain?

Neck Pain treatment

Neck discomfort is among the most significant reasons that countless people see chiropractic specialists every day. Yet, itís additionally among the reasons why several are still so worried to see a chiropractor. Having a person deal with as well as control your neck can be a frightening point. However itís […]

Core: Prayer (Part One)

Join Leah and Jay as they discuss why we pray and what things we should be praying about. If you’d like to download the prayer worksheet referenced in the video, please click this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/prixqtmo890l1x4/CORE_%20Prayer%20Part%20one%20filled%20in.pdf?dl=0 source

PHC Online Experience 05.17.20

Welcome to Point Harbor’s weekend worship experience for Sunday, May 17, 2020. We are continuing in our message series, Practical Spirituality for the Rest of Us. For more info, go to https://pointharbor.com source